Our carers


Our Companions and Carers are experienced individuals who uphold our belief that respect and dignity are paramount in the provision of care. It is a prerequisite that candidates will be personally interviewed, have a current and comprehensive CV, provide references and be able to produce all relevant paperwork including training documents.

We ensure that training documents are validated, references are checked (typically back 10 years), and that all candidates have undergone a DBS check (an enhanced CRB / POVA disclosure check) – all aimed at giving you, our clients, complete peace of mind!

A few words from one of our applicants

I would say to any client of yours and you can use what I say to prospective clients. I have been in contact with so many care providers and none have been as rigorous as you when vetting candidates for carer positions. I know that as a past recruitment consultant that you are thoroughly professional and rigorous, you check absolutely everything, which all ultimately protects the clients that you represent.