We know that looking for care options for yourself or a loved one can be a stressful time and we are here to give you as much information as you need to make an informed choice.

Here are the answers to some frequently asked questions but please do not hesitate to call us should you need further assistance.

Heritage Independent Living maintains a high profile in appropriate print publications and on-line job boards and an increasing number of carers hear about us and then apply to us as a result of personal recommendations.

Once carers have submitted acceptable basic information (CV, DBS and training qualifications), they are invited to a formal face to face interview. Detailed written references and at least two recent verbal references are taken at this stage.

Typically, only one carer in every ten carers who apply to Heritage, will be considered to have sufficient experience and the right outlook. These successful individuals will then be in a positon to be matched with one of our clients.


Choosing the right carer starts at the registration process when a thorough understanding of all your individual requirements, such as personal needs (e.g. being taken to church), specific medical conditions, domestic duties (e.g. taking care of pets), interests, hobbies, social activities and goals are captured in the form of a “job description”. A detailed profile of the ideal carer is then produced and this creates the criteria by which we search all carers that have met the Heritage requirements (validated training, impeccable references and completed an enhanced CRB / POVA or DBS disclosure). We then go out of our way to find the perfect match.

We believe in making all efforts to achieve great personal chemistry between carer and client. We actively encourage interviews and meetings between carers and clients / client family members. While this may not always be possible or practical in a face to face situation (eg overseas appointments), we will do our utmost to ensure there is as much contact before an assignment as necessary – this may be in the form of telephone or Skype interviews.

While carers may expect travel expenses to be paid, we do not charge any arrangement fee for organising interviews.

Live-in carers can work seven days a week and be on call for 24 hours, although these details will need to be agreed before the beginning of the assignment.

We recommend that carers have a minimum 2 hour break during the day. During this break, the carer should be free to leave the property, providing that the client can be left on his / her own. If not, then alternative arrangements will need to be made – ideally through the client’s family or next of kin.

Ideally carers should have sufficient time away to recharge their batteries. This will need to be agreed in advance and in collaboration with the client or family. Where necessary, Heritage Independent Living will help organise relief or respite care during any period of absence.

There are many benefits of familiarity and routine when long term relationships between carers and clients develop and depending on both parties, this relationship can last many years.

However, Heritage Companions and Carers can also provide respite care on a short term basis as well as a long term basis. This allows full time or family carers to be able to take a well deserved holiday or break.

A Live-in carer will require his / her own bedroom with linen, and ideally with a comfortable chair.

The carer will also need somewhere to hang their clothes.

A television is desirable if possible, and other amenities, such as use of Wifi would be a bonus.

Live-in care brings many benefits however it is not for everybody. Heritage provides live-out or daily carers; carers who live in the vicinity and perform similar duties as a live-in carer over a defined period of time during the day

The minimum number of hours that a daily carer works is usually 8 hours but many clients prefer the carer to remain with them for 12 hours in order to ensure that they have help getting up in the morning and getting ready for bed in the evening.

Heritage does not provide domiciliary care, where carers only spend an hour or two with many clients over the course of a day. If this is what you require, we will happily put you in touch with recommended carers or care agencies in your vicinity.

Heritage is happy to discuss individual requirements and will work with each client to deliver a tailor-made service.

Absolutely, yes!

Yes all our live-in carers are screened to ensure they can carry out the essential support routines and will be matched to your individual needs. Please see a more detailed list of duties by clicking on the following; Companionship and Housekeeping, Personal Care, Specialised Personal Care

All our live-in carers are discreet, friendly, reliable and committed to the physical and emotional well-being of their clients. They operate in a professional, dependable and confidential manner and respect the homes of where they are staying.

Naturally, most people will find the prospect of having an unfamiliar person staying in their home a little unnerving, but many tell us that this feeling quickly fades away with that the benefits of staying in a familiar surrounding and added sense of security easily outweighing this initial concern.

Depending on the hours and level of care required, a daily carer’s hourly charge will vary between £9.00 and £15.00 per hour.

Heritage Independent Living provides care and support to our clients across the UK and to some European locations.

Our skilled and experienced consultants will work with you to ensure that we find exactly the right live-in carer or companion for you, wherever you are located.

Since Heritage Independent Living is an introductory recruitment agency, carers who come through us will all be responsible, self-employed individuals with an excellent work ethic. They will therefore always be paid directly by the client or commissioning family member and will take care of their own tax and NI arrangements. Heritage Independent Living will invoice separately for the daily / weekly agency fee.