When engaging a carer working in a self-employed capacity, the carer’s hourly or daily charge and any agency fees need to be considered. Other costs to consider when receiving care at home are the costs of running a household (including food) and, potentially, travel costs.

Live-in care compares favourably with residential care home fees and depending on hours needed per week, daily care compares favourably with domiciliary (or hourly) care.

What is the cost of live-in care?

Costs to consider include payment direct to the carer, accommodation and food, any cover for time-off and the agency fees – please see Heritage Independent Living Registration and Fees.

Working with a highly reputable introduction agency, such as Heritage Independent Living, will typically save a client several hundred pounds per week in management fees when compared to using a care employment agency.

We provide guidance on an appropriate level of service payments to be made to the carer but in the end it is down to the client to be happy and satisfied with the amount to be paid. As carers work in a self-employed capacity, they will arrange their own tax and N.I. payments.

Depending on the hours and level of care required, a rough guide to the level of payment that experienced live-in carers seek is as follows:

  • Live-in carer for 1 client – payment expectation circa £595 – £700.00 per 7 day week
  • Live-in carer for 2 clients – payment expectation circa £650.00 – £850.00 per 7 day week

In many cases we are able to introduce carers who are prepared to work less than 7 days per week, allowing family members to be part of the solution and reduce the overall cost.

We quote a competitive rate for our services that is very simple and transparent. Our pricing includes two elements – a Lifetime Registration Fee and an Agency Fee:

  • The Lifetime Registration Fee is a small one-off fee that is never asked for again no matter how long the gaps in care are. It is the only financial commitment we ask for us to be able to begin work on your behalf. It enables us to take full details of the role, not only from a care perspective but also to learn more about a client (personality, goals, interests, type of food enjoyed, whether a car is required etc) and hence prepare the ideal profile of carer. This is important for us to provide a bespoke solution and to ensure we can introduce a carer that is close to the ideal profile.
  • The Agency Fee is only payable when a carer/companion/housekeeper is with the client. It covers the provision of a pack of information on the carer before the carer is engaged and, where necessary, help in facilitating interviews. It also covers any other ongoing costs such as helping with future respite care or rotas of care. Part of the fee covers the initial costs associated with recruitment (database searches, advertisements, vetting) and selection of individuals.

Our Agency Fee reduces over time to recognise the benefits of long term relationships and the importance our clients place on continuity of care.

As care/companionship/ housekeeping is tailored towards individual needs, please request a quote should you need more information to plan a budget.

Although care at home is generally seen as the most cost effective and personal of care provision, we at Heritage Independent Living also endeavour to ensure that all costs are known upfront and that there are no hidden charges or nasty surprises. We do not charge for interviews, advertising, issues surrounding probate, management fees or assessments.

Please contact us if you have any questions on what the likely costs will be for your individual situation.

How does live-in care compare with residential care homes?

The average cost of a UK care home in 2016-17 was from around £29,000 to £54,000, depending on where you lived in the country and whether it was residential care or a nursing home. Costs and quality of care vary significantly throughout the UK as does the proportion of cost that goes directly to pay the carer.

The costs of having a Heritage Independent Living Live-in Carer / Companion / Housekeeper depends on a number of factors. However, in the case of a single client, the costs of having a Live-in Carer are comparable to the fees of residential care homes and less than residential nursing homes.

As one carer can look after two individuals, live-in care for couples can offer significant savings with respect to any residential fees.

What is the cost of daily care?

Daily (or Live-out) care costs will depend on the hours and level of support required. Daily carers undergo the same rigorous vetting and matching process as their Live-in care counterparts so that clients receive support from the same dedicated carer every day, every week. For these reasons, Heritage Independent Living introduces daily carers so long as carers are needed for a minimum of 4 hours per day and 25 hours per week.

A daily carer’s hourly charge will vary between £12.00 and £18.00 per hour. – this depends on where the client lives in the country as well as the level of care and hours required.

Daily care is a different service to domiciliary (or hourly) care which Heritage Independent Living does not provide.

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