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Why Heritage?

Whilst working as an experienced live-in carer working in a self-employed capacity can be a very rewarding profession, it is full of challenges – some of them unnecessary.

Sometimes clients will let you down at the last minute and you have nobody to stand your corner and, if you go via an agency, you may be offered unsuitable roles in parts of the country where you do not want to work and on days which are just plain inconvenient.

At Heritage, we are not prescriptive and really listen to what sort of jobs you want and then we do our best to offer you what you are looking for. We take the time and trouble to really get to know our carers – we work as a team and we aim to communicate well so carers feel supported by us all.

Where possible we give you choices and carers are often surprised to hear how flexible the bookings are, i.e. no set start day or time in the week, so the role really can be tailored to your requirements.

Many carers find that other agencies divide staff into certain regions however we do not. We have roles nationwide and occasionally throughout Europe and you are not reliant on any one individual in our team.

Carers are usually pleased to hear that it is considered standard for all our roles for travel costs to and from the assignment to be paid.

We do not force you to work with us and we endeavour to be as transparent as possible to give you a true a reflection of what a role entails so you know what to expect from day one. We respect that you need to be in control as reflected in your self-employed status.

As a caring and considerate organisation, we are only interested in carers that are equally caring and considerate to us and our clients. Whilst we will support and work with you, we expect you “to help us to help you” and follow our Carer Terms of Assignment. Good and appropriate two-way communication is important.

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Live In Care Opportunities​

We are constantly receiving enquiries from clients requiring live-in or daily care to enable them to continue to live as independently as possible in their own homes.

We are therefore continually seeking experienced, committed carer/companion/housekeepers for both daily, and live in, positions based throughout the UK and continental Europe. Please see our jobs tab for a small selection of current opportunities available to carers registered with Heritage Independent Living.

If you are looking for a well remunerated, fulfilling, self-employed carer role, either working long term, covering short term respite, or as part of a shared rota of ongoing care, please contact us by sending a copy of your CV together with your contact details and we will give you a call to find out more about your requirements.

Registration and Interview Process

If you possess the relevant experience one of our consultants will contact you to discuss your requirements in the first instance. We will then arrange to meet you to find out more about you, your experience and the type of role you are seeking. You must already have the right the work in the UK as we are unable to assist with this.

Prior to this meeting we will need to see the following documents:-

  • Your CV letting us know your experience and training to date
  • Passport (outside front cover and photo ID page)
  • Driving licence – photo and paper copy
  • DBS disclosure
  • Relevant training certificates
  • Written references
  • Verbal references are taken, with your consent, following our meeting and prior to completion of your registration.

If your CV contains any special category personal data as specified within GDPR (e.g. race, ethnic origin, religion) apart from health, then please only upload it if you give us your consent to store and process this data as outlined in our Privacy Policy. Otherwise please remove any sensitive personal information before you upload your CV.

Once your registration is complete we will actively work with you to secure you the first of what we hope will be many suitable positions.