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For many who require care and support, the idea of residential care or a residential nursing home may be off-putting for a number of reasons. You, or your loved one, may not wish to leave home or might want to retain as much independence as possible. In these circumstances, a live-in carer can provide an excellent and cost-effective solution.

A live-in carer will stay with their client, in their home. This means that they can be on-hand and ready to help whenever it is required. A live-in carer can assist with everything from staying on top of household chores to providing specialised care relating to health and wellbeing. For some, a live-in carer is a fantastic long-term solution, while for others a live-in carer may be a short-term solution while options are considered, or regular carers – such as family members take a break. Here, we will explore what live-in carers do, and what makes Heritage an industry leader, in terms of fantastic value for clients just like you!


What Do Live-in Carers Do?

If a person requiring assistance at home has a spare bedroom, a live-in carer can be a hugely worthwhile option to explore. When a carer is based within the home, you can always have peace of mind that help is at hand! Your carer can help with maintaining the household and performing chores such as doing laundry or light gardening. They can accompany their client on trips to the shops, taking charge of driving and carrying heavy groceries. For some, mobility assistance, or help with bathing and dressing might be needed. A carer can also ensure that medical advice is followed, and medications are always remembered. When each little detail is taken care of, it makes maintaining a stress-free routine far easier for any individual in need of support!

In terms of expectations, a live-in carer would normally anticipate a two-hour break at some point during the day. If the client requires care assistance right around the clock, two live-in carers working in shifts may be a more suitable possibility. Heritage works closely with each client to provide excellent carer matches for their clients, tailoring each solution with flexibility and diligence. We also endeavour to ensure that the same carer returns to their clients, allowing you, or your loved one, to establish trust and friendship over time.


What Makes Live-in Care A Great Option For You Or Your Loved One?

Of course, there are many reasons why an individual may require assistance from a live-in carer. For those suffering from dementia, live-in care can provide the chance to remain in a familiar home environment – avoiding the stress of adjusting to a new location when familiarity can be so valuable. For others, health factors such as adjusting to new limitations following a diagnosis, undergoing rehabilitation, or retaining independence with disabilities can each make live-in care an excellent option.

For many families, residential care can be cost-prohibitive and, in such cases, live-in care can provide a far more affordable solution. In addition, a carer within the home can accommodate highly tailored care provision, which is often not possible within a residential care setting. Live-in care can allow clients to retain greater autonomy and control over their lifestyle, as well as allowing them to keep beloved pets that nursing homes may not permit.




How Much Does Live-In Care Cost?

Historically, navigating within the care industry to get a true sense of costs has been notoriously difficult. At Heritage, we firmly believe in practising absolute transparency when it comes to pricing for our clients. We ensure that, right from the get-go, you have a strong sense of what each available option will cost, so that you can effectively budget and never get caught out. We are always happy to walk you through potential care solutions, with no commitment, or fee for our consultation required.


What Makes Our Live-In Care Unique?

While many care providers offer one-size-fits-all solutions, here at Heritage we like to take a more personal approach. We understand that each family and household will have entirely unique needs and aim to take each element into account. We take great pride in tailoring cost-effective care solutions that give peace of mind, dignity, quality of life, and greater confidence for all parties involved. We always work to pair carers with clients who share common ground, such as interests, hobbies, and even a sense of humour! Inviting someone into your home is always a big decision, but with the right approach, it can also be a hugely rewarding experience.

If you feel that you or your loved one may benefit from live-in care, explore our ‘How Heritage Works’ page. Here, you can find guidance on requesting a brochure, a quotation, or a callback – plus find out what to expect as we collaborate towards finding your perfect solution. Alternatively, you can contact us at any time to discuss what Heritage can provide in person.


Seeking Support From Qualified Carers

Recruiting help for around the home is another effective strategy for reducing the risk of accidents. Our carers at Heritage Independent Living can provide in-home support that makes avoiding precarious moments far easier. Providing greater peace of mind to our clients, our carers are fully trained in how to respond in emergency situations, and always make safety the first priority. Click here to discover more about Heritage Independent Living and our staff.