Natural And On Trend: Embracing Your Natural Silver Hair Tones

Are you tired of colouring your hair to cover greys? The habit is an expensive one and, while I’m all for investing in our appearances in the name of self expression, I have a bone to pick with feeling under pressure to look like something that doesn’t express our true essence. We should feel free to be our beautiful selves, representing how we feel on the inside in whatever form that might take!

A few years ago I began noticing a local woman with the most extraordinary silver hair. I would see her in the grocery store, queuing at the bank and in the park on Sunday. She was an older woman with extraordinary beauty and grace and it was impossible to guess her age. The thing that was most awe-inspiring about her was the way in which she rebelliously wore her grey hair with pride, cascading, long and glossy over her shoulders. She always wore bright and joyful clothing and her obvious confidence made her stand out immediately. I thought it was amazing.

Only those short years ago it was really quite infrequent to see a woman embracing her natural greys. With so many women going to great lengths to painstakingly maintain their roots there was often not a glimmer of grey in sight! More recently, this has changed as fashion magazines declare silver as the biggest hair trend of 2018 and sales of silver hair toners sky-rocket. Imagine, all of these young girls spending a fortune to emulate something that older woman have always felt the need to cover up. What a turn around!

With a boom of silver hairstyles glittering across Instagram and Pinterest, many celebrities are enjoying this sophisticated aesthetic. As George Clooney bucked the trend for men more than a decade ago, female stars like Jamie Lee Curtis and Helen Mirren are now showing that sass and silver go hand in hand today.

Younger celebrities like Pink, Rihanna and Lady Gaga are stepping out with moonlit tresses too and stunning supermodel and intellectual superhero Cara Delevingne, who has demonstrated various incarnations of silver styling, told her Instagram followers “Beauty shouldn’t be so easily defined. It is limitless.”

Perhaps it’s something you’ve never considered or something that you’ve secretly wished you could do. If you are a frequent dyer, reclaiming your natural grey can be a bit of a challenge as dye takes so long to fade or may even need to grow out. You may be happy to wait it out but, if you’d rather not, hairdressers are well versed at recreating beautiful greys and will be able to immediately deliver a natural look that you can then run with as your true tones grow out. Bear in mind that hair that has been dyed a dark shade will need to be lightened with bleach so it’s worth going to a professional or investing in quality products and reading the instructions carefully. You may need to lighten your hair in stages to avoid damage. Of course, a direct jump to natural grey can be achieved by opting for a stylish pixie crop!

As the negative stereotype that a woman with grey hair is “letting herself go” melts away I celebrate that our culture is taking this huge step forward. This is reverence for our elders manifesting in a most complimentary way!  Grey hair is so unique; you will see everything from iridescent white and pewter, through to slate and charcoal. I can see now that it was kind of potty of me to have considered that beautiful woman at the grocery store as a rebel for having luscious grey locks. Finally, it clicks into place that gorgeous silver hair is the most natural thing in the world. So, go ahead and rock your grey hair. The kids will be so jealous!