Live In Care – Frequently The Ideal Solution!

When a parent or elderly relative begins to show signs of struggle it can be a difficult decision to seek help. It may feel like we are letting our loved ones down, however is important to remember that it is perfectly normal to require help at this stage in life and seeking that help can be liberating both for the person in need of care and those around them.

When supporting someone into old age, the amount of assistance we provide tends to evolve gradually over time. It is important to assess how much of an impact this has on our own lives and how well equipped we are to offer the help that is needed. When looking after others, our own self-care becomes more important than ever.

If you feel that you are still able to care for your loved one you may wish to consider the option of using a Live In Care-giver to simply take a break. This can serve as a chance for your loved one to experience sharing their home environment with a Live In Care-giver in preparation for a time in the future when more constant care may be required, or to begin the transition into long term support with Live In Care.

Live In Care services can be completely tailored to your needs, finding personal solutions, just for you. You can consider short or long term Live in Care, or a rotation for example of two weeks with a Live In Care-giver followed by two weeks without, easing the pressure on your household. It is a big step to invite somebody new into your home or welcome them into the home of your loved one, but each Live In Care-giver is trained to offer positive day-to-day support. They will be placed to best suit your needs and you may find the added social aspect of having a new face in the home is a lifting experience.


 Your loved one will never be without the support of a friendly face and expert hand.


Needing assistance can be a challenging experience for the Care-receiver, but Live In Care can be a much more personal solution than residential options. It can allow a continuing sense of independence and familiarity. Your loved one can stay in their own home environment, which allows for factors such as maintaining old routines, keeping in contact with the local community and staying with much loved household pets.

Your Live In Care provider will make an initial assessment and then work with you to create a scenario that provides just the right amount of help. Assistance can be offered with everything from keeping on top of household chores such as laundry and cleaning, ensuring nutritious meals are prepared and enjoyed, keeping track of medication schedules, through to aiding in mobility and hygiene. Providing this kind of help ourselves to a loved one can be particularly difficult to process, especially as we watch someone we care deeply for decline, but your Live In Care-giver is fully trained to help each day run smoothly and you can have confidence that help is available around the clock. Your loved one will never be without the support of a friendly face and expert hand, and you can focus more on quality time when you are together.

You can relax in the knowledge that someone will always be on hand and each step of the way will be planned with you, to ensure you have total piece of mind. Your Live In Care-giver will require a room of their own with access to facilities, and reasonable meal requirements. They will need time to themselves and privacy, but will be available should any need arise. Your Care Provider will walk you through all aspects of the role of your Live In Care-giver and different options that may suit you. The main thing to remember is that Live In Care offers professional help in the home, and Care-givers are there to make your life and the life of your loved ones easier. Such support can make a huge difference to the quality of life of everyone involved making this elder care solution a great option to explore.