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The prospect of a loved one in need of care can be a daunting one – not least of all because, notoriously, it can be difficult to piece the potential costs together.  We at Heritage Independent Living understand how vital it is for families and carers to be able to plan for the future and make big decisions with confidence that the road ahead offers a firm footing. Our mission is to deliver total transparency for those who are making such important decisions so that they can find peace of mind when entering a transition for their loved one. With this in mind, we have compiled a guide to the costs involved with live-in care, helping you to navigate your way to the perfect solution, for those you care about most.


Why Live-in Care Is The Best Option For Many

While any kind of care represents a significant cost, exploring the possibilities that are available to you from a clear perspective certainly makes the decision-making process an easier one. When your loved one requires care throughout much of the day, live-in care can provide a solution that many find easier, and often more affordable, than residential care options. For those in need of care, the possibility to remain at home, close to family, and in a familiar environment, can provide huge comfort. In this sense, a live-in carer can provide a greater sense of autonomy, rather than a total change in life circumstance. This can be particularly beneficial for those with dementia, as they are able to remain in familiar surroundings.

As some families weigh the possibility of selling their loved one’s home to release capital, live-in care offers an alternative strategy. If your loved one remains in their own home, you avoid the loss of an asset and can explore options of releasing equity if or when the need arises. In the meantime, with a live-in carer, your loved one can reap the benefit of far more one-on-one care than they would receive in a residential care environment, and the potential to build positive relationships with trusted carers. Individuals providing this type of care are likely to become a valued member of the household, developing a full understanding of your loved one’s needs.


Considering Live-in Care For Your Loved One – What Are The Costs?

When beginning a collaboration with a live-in care provider, and the carer or carers that are allocated to your loved one, it is important to understand each cost that will be involved in your ongoing care and support needs. Often times, as we do here at Heritage Independent Living, care providers will charge an initial fee for the service of getting to know your loved one, and sourcing a carer who will offer an exceptional pairing in terms of meeting the unique care needs, personality, and energy, of your loved one. We consider this a vital step when it comes to fostering care relationships that are as rewarding as they are functional, for the benefit of all involved.

Once care begins, it is common practice to pay one fee to the care provider, and a second to the carer themselves, calculated on a weekly basis. Your care provider should be entirely upfront in defining these costs from the outset so that you have a clear total figure in your head to work from. From there, an additional budget for a few ongoing costs will also be required. Namely, household costs, travel costs, and carer break costs, should they be relevant.

Your carer will typically prepare meals for your loved one and themselves over the course of their live-in care provision. We advise households to consider an increase in sustenance costs of between £30 and £50 per week. In terms of travel costs, your live-in carer will not charge any additional fee for travel time but will charge for travel costs as they arise.

Whether accompanying your loved one to a doctor’s appointment or the hairdressers or heading to the grocery store, travel is going to be a necessity on some scale. This cost may include fuel in cases where a car is provided, or a charge by distance if the carer uses their own car. Taking maintenance and fuel costs into account, this is typically 45p per mile.

Finally, it is always important to recognise that a live-in carer will require a break each day, to take a little time for themselves. As they remain available to your loved one around the clock, this moment of rest allows them to remain fully charged, vital, and ready to deliver the best quality of care and attention. At Heritage Independent Living, our policy is to ensure carers have a two-hour break each day. If your loved one requires constant care, and cannot be left unattended, an additional cost to cover this break may require consideration.


We Are Here To Help You Identify The Best Solution For Your Needs

We understand how challenging it can be for families and carers to accommodate the costs of care for those they love. Therefore, we place the highest priority on identifying competitive and transparent solutions, to suit each unique household’s needs. We also safeguard your peace of mind with policies such as not increasing your costs once care has begun, even if costs increase for us, and providing a scaled loyalty reward, reducing our fees over time for those who require care over longer periods.

To discover more about our current pricing, and for yet greater depth to the way we offer live-in care with integrity at Heritage Independent Living, visit our Costs Of Live In Care Page. We are always happy to support you in a discussion of all the care provision possibilities that we can offer, including possible ways to reduce costs. An initial consultation with our team is entirely free and comes with no obligation. We know that care is not a one-size-fits-all equation and believe passionately in creating personally tailored care solutions for every client.


If you would like to talk to our advisors, call us on 020 3011 2222, or contact us for a non-committal opportunity to explore the best options for you.