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If you are finding retirement a little bit boring, perhaps you should take up a new hobby! There are dozens of exciting hobbies that can keep you occupied and add a little excitement to your life. Hobbies can also help you stay mentally and physically fit as you age.


Benefits Of Hobbies For The Elderly

Why take up a hobby?
Because there are many benefits associated with keeping yourself occupied, including:

    • Hobbies help you expand your social circle
      You can meet some interesting people and make some new friends
    • You can make useful items
      If you take up a hobby like woodworking or sewing, you can make some useful items that make fantastic gifts for your loved ones
    • They help maintain cognitive function
      Hobbies are great for your brain! They help to ward off neurodegenerative diseases and keep you mentally alert.
    • They can keep you fit
      Hobbies like gardening are fantastic for helping you stay fit while enjoying the outdoors.
    • They improve the quality of your life
      Hobbies can add a great deal of excitement and interest to your life. Instead of sitting around watching the same old television shows, you can learn new things, meet new people and have fun while enjoying a hobby.


Some Of The Best Hobbies For The Elderly

There are so many great hobbies to choose from; here are just a few:



One of the most common hobbies for the elderly, you can plant anything from a vegetable garden to a variety ornamental plants and shrubs. Gardening is an immensely rewarding hobby, which provides exercise and mental stimulation. You could also join a gardening club and make some new friends.


Sewing, knitting and crocheting

Sewing, knitting and crocheting are fun hobbies that are typically very social and rewarding. These hobbies are great for people with mobility issues that prevent them from pursuing more active hobbies. You can spend your spare time creating unique gifts to give to the people you love.



Writing lets you share your inner thoughts and stories with other people. You may have a fictional work that you have always wanted to write or perhaps you want to write your life story. You can help your grandchildren and great-grandchildren learn more about you through the body of work that you leave behind.



Taking photos is an exciting and fun hobby. You can take photos of people and the natural environment around you or travel to new places and document your journey. Sharing the photos you take with your friends and family can be incredibly rewarding.



This is another popular hobby with older people. It is extremely rewarding and you can make some very useful pieces. With the right skills under your belt you can also perform furniture restoration and bring new life to old furniture.


Joining a theatre group or choir

If you are a very creative person you may enjoy participating in a theatre group or choir. You can meet some fantastic new people and show off your talents in front of an audience. Even if you don’t feel ready for the stage, there are usually a number of behind the scenes jobs that you could get involved with, such as creating props and costumes or stage managing.


If you are a very creative person you may enjoy participating in a theatre group or choir. You can meet some fantastic new people and show off your talents in front of an audience.


Play some games

In most cities and towns, there are various groups dedicated to playing different kinds of games including bingo, bridge, poker, chess, checkers and cribbage.   These groups give you a space where you can play your favourite game, have a few laughs and make new friends.


Pottery, ceramics, and sculpture making

These hobbies are fantastic for creating useful items for around the home. You can create vases, flowerpots, sculptures, plates, bowls and many other useful objects.


Take up a new sport

Just because you are getting older, it doesn’t mean you can’t learn a new sport! Take up golfing, surfing, tennis, biking, croquet, lawn bowls, rowing or any other sport you fancy. Look out for social clubs for different sports, as joining is a great way to meet new people.


Brain teasers

Brain teasers are an excellent hobby to take up because they can keep you mentally fit. Sudoku puzzles, crosswords, brain-teasing questions and mathematical puzzles are all great fun. This hobby is handy for those rainy days when you are stuck indoors.



Cooking is a great hobby that benefits everyone around you! You can make delicious meals, cakes, biscuits, and muffins. Your friends and family will love visiting your home to indulge in more of your delicious baked goodies!



Dancing is an exhilarating hobby that gets the heart racing and increases your physical fitness. You may even find a new romantic partner!


Model building

You can take up model building and piece together complex model cars, warships, planes and more. This can be a very interesting hobby and once you have completed your models, you can share them with younger members of your family.


Join a book club

Reading is an excellent pastime for elderly people. You can learn more about history, read a thriller, enjoy a romance or immerse yourself in an adventure story! By joining a book club you can combine your passion for reading with friendship. Participating in a book club also helps you gain a deeper understanding of the books you read.