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Live-in care is a fantastic care solution that is frequently overlooked by families and elderly people who are unaware of the great benefits that this solution offers, particularly in comparison to other more traditional solutions such as residential care homes.

This is a great shame, because for many elderly people, live-in care is the perfect fit; a cost effective option that offers companionship along with many other benefits. Live-in care enables elderly people to maintain their independence in the comfort of their own home, with the assistance of a companion carer who is employed to provide tailored care to match an individual’s needs.

Here are three of the key benefits associated with live-in care:



Statistics constantly remind us of the dreadful epidemic of loneliness in our elderly populations, making companionship a great place to start.
We all enjoy a little me time once in a while, but many elderly people go for days and sometimes weeks with no meaningful contact from friends and family members. This type of solitude can soon lead to overwhelming feelings of loneliness and isolation. Inevitably, social isolation of this sort often progresses to depression.

This study, carried out by researchers at Brigham Young University made it clear just how detrimental loneliness can be to our health, concluding that living alone without social connection increases an individual’s risk of mortality by 29 to 32%.

With a well-matched live-in carer, an elderly person is able to actively socialise and engage on a daily basis without even having to leave the home. With the support of a great carer, many possibilities open up and things that were perhaps becoming difficult, such as getting out to the shops or gardening are possible once again. Companionship is at the very core of this elder care solution.


Peace Of Mind

Reaching a stage in life where many activities and everyday tasks become challenging can be a difficult and very worrying transition for both the elderly individual and all of those who love and care about them to deal with.

The point whereby a person’s ability to live safely on his or her own is in question is not usually a situation that develops overnight. Typically, there will be plenty of anxiety and concern before a decision to implement change is finally made.

A live-in carer provides a wealth of support in multiple areas and a crucial element of this support is the additional set of eyes, there to look after that elderly individual’s health and well-being. A carer who is in regular contact with the elderly person in their care will be the first to notice any changes in terms of health, behaviour or personality. Being there to observe issues or emergencies and act on them quickly if need be, provides complete peace of mind for everyone.


The Cost Of Live-in Care

Contrary to popular belief, the cost of live-in care is in fact one of the benefits of this eldercare solution! The costs will of course vary depending on your location and the level of care that is required, but with the cost of a live in carer starting at circa £550.00 per week, many families are pleasantly surprised at just how cost effective live-in care can be.

For any elderly person who is determined to remain independent for as long as possible in their own familiar environment, hiring a live- in carer is without doubt, a highly appealing option to consider.


The Art Of Matching Personalities

The success of this personal and tailored care solution relies on the compatibility of the match between any elderly person and their carer. If live-in care is the route you choose, it is essential to choose a reputable and experienced agency that will take care to ensure that they match people with similar personalities and interests, ensuring the best possible chance of a lasting and successful working relationship.