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The Heritage Independent Living philosophy is built upon years of experience in matching our clients’ unique needs with tailored service.

Heritage Independent Living is much more than a business – it is a passion to do the right thing – to find carers and companions who we would feel comfortable looking after our own parents, for the benefit of others.

We are constantly helping people to find ways of maintaining a good quality of life, living as independently as possible. It is not uncommon for us to hear that your loved ones are “fiercely independent”, “living in denial”, “want their own space” and “want to live at home”. And money, however good the financial planning, doesn’t last forever and is always a worry.

We understand.

Our parents are in similar situations; we work for you in the same way we work for our parents. We offer a personalised service, listen to your needs and offer a flexible and cost-effective service as possible.

We are here to help and not sell.

When you call us, you are under no obligation to use us – we appreciate that there are many different approaches to care for loved ones and we will try and help you find the right one.

As children of elderly parents ourselves, leading busy lives, we aim to give you a personal, tailored and flexible service. We feel that it is important for our parents to:

  • Enjoy the stability and familiarity that comes with long term relationships with a carer or companion
  • Achieve good value for money with no hidden surprises
  • Receive care that places equal importance on mental as much as physical wellbeing – a happy, stimulated and mentally alert person
  • Be able to enjoy a superior quality of life.

So, while the cost is important, we will never compromise on quality. We go out of our way to understand your exact needs and not only find the carer with the right experience but one that has a compatible outlook in life – where compatibility might include: animals/pets, theatre, opera, gardening, cricket or excursions.

What’s different and why us?


We are recruitment specialists – Heritage Independent Living is built upon many years of experience in meeting clients’ unique needs with a tailored and personal service.

Wouldn’t it make sense that if you liked gardening, then your carer / companion was knowledgeable and liked gardening too? We think so and hence that is why we go out of our way to understand the client’s exact needs and not only find the carer with the right experience but one that has a compatible outlook in life – where common interests might include: animals/pets, theatre, opera, gardening, cricket, excursions (for example, where a carer is a car driver could help with visits to stately homes, garden centres and trips to the countryside).

To ensure the best personal chemistry, we like, rather than discourage, you to interact with the carer before the carer starts.

We also appreciate that it is a difficult decision to choose the right care solution and that you need time to understand all your options. We are available to chat and help you come to the right conclusion and we are always willing and flexible to help you tailor your own solution.

Long Term

We do our very best to ensure you get the best person for you and your lifestyle and then we do our utmost to ensure that person stays with you as long as is needed.

This may seem like an obvious approach but it is not what drives many of our competitors – in fact some will only commit to placing one carer / companion for a maximum of 3 weeks.

At Heritage Independent Living, we are here for you for the long term and we can help provide you with a tailored journey of domestic help, companionship and specific personal care.


Furthermore, our pricing reflects our philosophy of encouraging long term relationships to the benefit of our clients; the Heritage Independent Living fee reduces over time. 

Recruitment Excellence

We understand that what is affordable for one person may not be affordable for another. However, by focussing on recruitment excellence and taking time to fully understand your family needs, we can help you create an optimum solution; providing the best carers at an appropriate price.

Meet The Team


Nick helped co-found Heritage Independent Living and is passionate about helping people in later years…

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achieve a high quality of life. Nick also comes from a recruitment background having previously run large successful recruitment companies where having the right team and processes in place were key.

When Nick’s parents started making plans to stay in their own home “at any cost”, he appreciated how traumatic change could be later on in life and this has helped to shape a Heritage ethos of really listening to client needs and addressing their concerns.


Claire is likely to be your first point of contact at Heritage when enquiring about Live in care for yourself or a loved one…

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She will guide you through the various options and costs available to you, taking into account the individual requirements and needs of each client. With many years of experience in this field Claire is able to provide a bespoke service tailored to meet the needs of each individual. With an excellent knowledge of our registered carers, Claire will match your requirements with caring individuals. Claire previously worked as a recruitment consultant placing maternity nurses with high profile clients – a similar environment to Heritage. So acting discretely and protecting client confidentiality is assured as is a totally professional and personalised service.


Louise is one of the first point of contacts for carers interested in working via Heritage…

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she focuses on ensuring that any carers introduced by Heritage come with impeccable references and pays careful attention to detail when it comes to personal interviews and other vetting procedures (including DBS). Louise also works with some of clients to assist in providing them with continuity of care. Previously, Louise worked as a Solicitor specialising in all aspects of Family Law, her empathy, excellent communication skills and attention to detail ensure that the carers introduced by Heritage have been thoroughly vetted and are of a high calibre.


Nicola works in close partnership with Louise, dealing with the registration of suitable candidates…

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and ensuring that all certification and training of the carers is kept up to date. As part of her role Nicola also works with some of our clients to assist in providing them with continuity of care. Nicola has a background in Healthcare, having qualified and practised as a Staff nurse in a London hospital before working as a Health Commissioner for a local Health Authority.


Anna works alongside Emily, Ella, and Claire as one of our Carer and Client Coordinators. She enjoys finding the best carers for…

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her clients and seeing how their physical and mental wellbeing can be dramatically improved as a result. Anna studied Philosophy and Sociology at university, allowing her to fine-tune her logical reasoning and problem-solving skills. These skills are invaluable when matching carers with clients based on their care requirements and personalities as she recognises that the small details can make all the difference. Anna has a professional background in charity fundraising, including working for a charity that specialised in combatting loneliness and isolation in the local community. This experience taught her the importance of care, empathy and companionship for a person’s wellbeing and she brings these lessons to her work with Heritage.


Emily works alongside Anna, Ella, and Claire as one of our Carer and Client Coordinators. Her background as a support worker for…

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children with complex needs has provided her with an understanding of the importance of finding a suitable match between Carer and Client. Emily completed a Psychology degree in Exeter, which allowed her to gain an in-depth knowledge of various types of dementia, Parkinson’s disease, and other neurological disorders commonly faced by our Clients.


Ella works alongside Louise and Nicola, ensuring the successful recruitment of carers, as well as…

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keeping profiles up to date with the required documentation and training. Ella has recently graduated from the University of Sheffield, with a History degree. Her attention to detail and researching skills, have also given her a good standing for the client side of Heritage, which she has now too begun to work on together with Anna, Emily and Claire.


Amanda ensures that the “back office” of the company functions well, coordinating IT,…

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website, accounts and marketing as well as ensuring that the companies processes are compliant to the latest legislation. Amanda has nothing but admiration for the job that the NHS did in helping her mother come through a prolonged state of critical illness. Accepting the NHS’s financial constraints, she helped to support her parents with an optimum long term care solution and uses this experience to help others in similar circumstances.


Minnie has over 15 years’ experience in the accountancy profession and has worked with a wide variety of businesses…

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where customer service is paramount. At Heritage, Minnie ensures that the accounting function runs smoothly and effectively and that payment for our services is as easy and hassle free as possible. Minnie brings a personal and compassionate touch to this important role.


Melanie is a freelance copywriter who creates fresh content for the blog section on the Heritage website…

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Her blogs focus on a broad variety of topics relating to elder care and ageing. Melanie is an environmentally conscious individual who is passionate about well-being and healthy living.


Having graduated from the Digital Mums course Katie is now using her marketing background to help Heritage engage more extensively with caring individuals on Social Media…


Sara was a co-founder of Heritage Independent Living and, as a qualified RGN, combined her nursing background with an extensive recruitment expertise to the benefit of both Heritage’s clients and carers. As an experienced operations director Sara used her knowledge of both the caring industry and the recruitment industry to help build Heritage into an efficient and effective organisation, whilst still being able to maintain a very personal and one to one, tailored service.

Sadly, Sara recently passed away – too young and too soon – continuing until the end to work in the business she loved to try to help as many people as possible, during a time when she was more in need than those she helped care for.

She was an example to us all and is greatly missed.

We are proud that Heritage Independent Living continues to be part of Sara’s legacy.