I just want to take this opportunity to thank for all your help over the last 3 years with this role and for being such a pleasure to talk to on the phone. Take good care Rachel.
(EM – Sept 2019)

The three (carers) which you sent us could not have been better suited both to look after my needs and to support my wife in a difficult five weeks. We are now well set up to continue my convalescence. Thank you.
(NT – Sept 2019)

I have been watching the way you and S have communicated and how “Heritage” has performed and I have been very impressed with the professionalism and support that you have given S (and us) – well done it’s been impressive. Thank you again for your superb communication which will I’m sure be a great foundation for our continuing relationship.
(JC – Sept 2019)

Thank you for all your really fantastic help with carers. I can happily recommend Heritage to anyone else who needs full time care.
(AB – Aug 2019)

Thank you Claire.  You ladies are all so efficient.
(SR – Aug 2019)

Both are very much enjoying T’s support (and delicious cooking / baking) and find her caring and kind. In general, I think it’s been a great match and would like to thank you personally for finding such a good initial candidate for them.
(AB – July 2019)

Thank you once again Robyn for all the hard work you do to assist people like myself.
(CT – July 2019)

May I say how impressed I am with Heritage for the excellent communication between all parties. Thank you. I’m really looking forward to working with a switched on team as I believe it is a team effort that is required to care for all parties involved. A very big Thank You.
(CJ – June 2019)

I work in care & have been a nurse for many years & I can honestly say L is one in a million, you are very lucky to have her on your team. She is a pleasure to work with & her outlook & care for clients is outstanding.
(AD – June 2019)

Thanks for all the good people you send us.
(LM – June 2019)

P continues to do a 1st class job. Thank you and Claire for your continuing help.
(SB – June 2019)

Thank you all at Heritage for your terrific support and for your placements.  It’s so nice to be treated like a “grown up” in the caring field.  I’ve recommended your agency to all my friends.
(LE – June 2019)

L has been excellent with my father. Routine to follow is excellent and work is very high standard. Highly recommend.
(RY – June 2019)

We would like to say how helpful and knowledgeable S has been, she settled in with us and dad appreciated her being there.
(LS – June 2019)

Very many thanks again for all your help and support and for finding T who has been kind, dedicated and patient.
(CA – June 2019)

N was an excellent Carer, as were all the others from Heritage.
(RT – June 2019)

Our family is so, so, grateful for the care givers that you have provided for my mother. Transitions have happened easily and we have always been very happy with the extremely high level of care and attention she has received. Personally, I will be very sorry to say good bye to V, who has been an absolute rock, and incredibly loving and good with mum. We cannot speak highly enough of her!
(FM – May 2019)

E is wonderful (as have been all the Heritage carers) and mum is very happy.
(NN – May 2019)

K’s kind support has been invaluable over these past months and I would welcome her back should the need arise.
(AS – May 2019)

Thank you for taking the time yesterday to carry out a thorough interview to identify my father’s care needs. We now feel confident that we are with the right care agency and are optimistic that you will find my father good carers. Thank you for all your work and time.
(CM – May 2019)

A was very kind and caring, always anxious to please…You do seem to pick nice people.
(VA – May 2019)

J has looked after both our parents with compassion and kindness and has on occasion gone beyond what we would have expected. J is a lovely lady and we would highly recommend her to any family.
(CS – April 2019)

I must say the support I’ve had from all three of you has been great. Thank you.
(LE – April 2019)

Thank you for your continuing care, I don’t know what I would have done without you, over the last 5 years.
(SB – Mar 2019)

Many thanks again to you and all your colleagues for all of your help and valuable support.
(DH – Mar 2019)

(P) was wonderful with Dad – they had a real rapport. Thank you for all your support in providing care. I was always very grateful that you managed to find all the help we needed, when we needed it – thank you very much.
(RI – Feb 2019)

I feel so very grateful that you have arranged such wonderful carers for my mother. V is amazing and truly goes above and beyond with the care that she gives mum…I thank you for the excellent service that you provide!
(FM – Feb 2019)

Hi Rachel, Just wanted to say many, many thanks for the continuing excellent care… L’s been a marvel and marvellous – indeed à la Mary Poppins (!) – and, having taken over from her a couple of days ago, G seems just as lovely, capable, patient and caring. Plus, extremely helpfully, they effected a seamless handover without me having to be there. Suffice to say Mum and I are delighted (and highly relieved!).
(NS – Feb 2019)

Hello, Nick, ……Whatever we decide, I would like to tell you that my contact with you has been a very positive experience in comparison with other providers. It’s a real boost when you talk with someone who really cares.
(KR – Feb 2019)

Many thanks Claire, ….I must congratulate you on your organisation,  it is superb.
(JC – Feb 2019)

Niki, … thank you so very much for you consistently committed care to looking after me and Maggie.  You’re wonderful and have never missed a beat in organising things even when I ‘ve been all over the place with dates etc!!  your patience is an example to us all!!… I’ll certainly be recommending you to anyone who needs care coming up.
(AB – Jan 2019)

Many thanks Rachel, We are all extremely grateful for the excellent quality of carer that you have provided over the past few years and for the general support received from Heritage. We are also conscious of the personal commitment you have made and would not hesitate to recommend Heritage to anybody considering home help for an elderly person.
(PB – Oct 2018)

I would like to thank you and your team for everything you have done over the last few years to make Dad’s final years more comfortable. We have always been delighted with your service, and have recommended you to several other families in the same situation.
(CB – Oct 2018)

Dear Claire, I greatly appreciate all your work in finding T and delighted to be with your agency, I am very impressed with your professionalism and will recommend you to any of my friends.
(NR – Oct 2018)

Dear Niki and all at Heritage, Many thanks for your emails offering me placements, all which sound just right for me. …Many thanks for all your support and interest in me……I will ALWAYS maintain my belief that Heritage is THE BEST!
(DS – Sept 2018)

Dear Rachel and everyone at Heritage, Thank you for all of your assistance in finding me work throughout the year. I recommend Heritage as you are reliable and organised in my experience. Many thanks once again.I want to thank you for being a very good company to work for as you always are so organised.
(YG – Sept 2018)

Both D and F have been outstanding in their different ways in supporting my mother’s last months and years and easing what remained of her life. D has an astonishingly empathetic personality which at every turn exudes warmth and support and she has always been prepared to go the extra mile (and as we know beyond the extra mile – to provide loving support). F has a more practical perspective and an extraordinary ability to get things done, to remain calm and steady at the most difficult moments and offer genuine understanding when the going gets tough. I do feel Heritage has offered two outstanding individuals as carers and would like to thank you immensely for sending them to us.

I have also to thank all of you at Heritage who have never not answered a call and proposed support when needed. I will be more than happy to promote Heritage to all those looking for support.
(JP – Aug 2018)

Very many thanks for your kind attention over the recent period. We will have no hesitation in recommending your services to others.
(TV – Aug 2018)

G is a brilliant carer and we cannot recommend her highly enough… Thank you for all your help with providing carers for A over the last five years… G, has provided the best care possible for A and anyone who has her next will be so delighted with her, she is so good and very client focused also a very intelligent lady. We will all miss her here.
(TC – Aug 2018)

S has been quite exceptional and I don’t know what we would have done without her. The fondness was mutual and she has been an excellent companion and carer.
(LH – Aug 2018)

I want to thank you for being a very good company to work for as you always are so organised.
(YG – Aug 2018)

M did a very good job and provided very good care for my husband. She worked extremely well with my regular carer who was present at each of the usual carer visits. I would recommend Heritage Live in Care to others because you provide a quality service.
(MM – July 2018)

Dear Rachel, I wouldn’t hesitate to pass on your details to someone needing quality care for a relative. I’d also like to mention Sara who was very good when we had the “telephone interview” with Mum. It was a situation which could have easily been confusing and stressful for her but Sara’s manner was very calm and friendly and the telephone call was completed successfully.
(LT – July 2018)

Can I thank you very much for everything you have done for my Mother and Father. We could only give you the highest recommendation.
(JL – July 2018)

Dear Sara and Rachel,
We have always appreciated the support and advice you have provided us during our time of using your services. We know Dad received an excellent level of care from those ladies you put forward to help him and remain confident that by keeping him in his own home he had the best experience during this period of his life.
Thank you both for your support.
(SC – June 2018)

L & M are both providing excellent care for Mum. I am very pleased with them. Mum is being very well looked after; she is content and comfortable
(GK – June 2018)

I’m happy to say S is an absolute gem. We all, and most importantly my father, think she’s is providing excellent care with great sensitivity and we wouldn’t want to swap her with anyone just now!
(LH – June 2018)

Thank you, Rachel. I’d just like to thank you and your team for all you’ve done for me these last few months. Working with you all has been an absolute pleasure. If ever I need to pick up any more care work in the future I shall come to you first!
(LH – May 2018)

Lovely to chat to you. I must say that so far you have been the most professional agent I have dealt with, which leaves me with a feeling of confidence that I am in good hands! Thank you.
(AW – May 2018)

Thank you and also for identifying M and K for us. They have both been a great support to us..
(CB – May 2018)

Everything seems to have gone very well…so thank you for continuing to provide a good quality service and peace of mind.
(AM – May 2018)

It makes all the difference to know that you also understand the importance of having that ‘fit’ between carer and client. It is such a relief to have the confidence of knowing K is being looked after so well.
(JB – May 2018)

I would just like to say how very delighted and impressed I am with, not only her care of my mum, which is exemplary, but also all the many other things she is juggling for her, and in turn me. I could never have coped on my own, and I thank my lucky star that led me to you.
(MJ – April 2018)

Thanks Niki for your kind words. It’s been a pleasure working with you in particular, and the rest of the Heritage team.
(PM – March 2018)

The general impression “out there” being Heritage is a company of high standards, great carers, excellent clients and total transparency. My own interaction, albeit only a few months, has witnessed this and when I met Rachel – well – say no more. Exceptionally professional meeting – from first phone call to leaving Battersea Studios! Rachel was warm, compassionate. Your communication with me, Niki, for example has been faultless. Thank you for being considerate and marvellous: you’ve been 100% open and candid about the post and its people.
(JY – March 2018)

Many thanks for your kind message. You have been a great help over the years for which we are very grateful.
(DD – March 2018)

Thank you so much Niki. It really is such a pleasure working with you. You are so helpful, patience and efficient – a rare combination. Please do pass this along to the Man in Charge who I also spoke with and the service from Heritage has been seamless; I always felt valued and that you have your clients center stage…
(AB – March 2018)

Thanks Sara for everything you do .. it may seem at times it’s not appreciated but it really is..
(AD – March 2018)

Good morning Sara, I just wanted to say thank you for your efficiency and supportive manner. I have been very impressed with the service.
(AB – March 2018)

Can I take this opportunity to thank you, Rachel and all your staff for your kind attention and care for the past year or so. Your help and assistance has been very much appreciated by the whole family and allowed M to remain independent for a further 13 months which she would not have had without your help. Also the ladies caring for Margaret have been excellent ….

….the care provided via Heritage was nothing but excellent…..

With my very best wishes and the sincere thanks of myself and my family.
(AR – March 2018)

I really want to thank you for your speedy response to my emergency situation – am so very impressed; it is much appreciated.
(SB – February 2018)

Both M and L have looked after Mum very well. L, in particular, has been exceptional in the first class care, patience and empathy she has given, We will miss her very much. Finally, thank you to you Rachel and the staff at Heritage for the efficient way in which Mum’s care has been organised. It has been greatly appreciated by all the family.
(LS – February 2018)

* Professional
* Good communications – Timely, including useful, occasional – everything-alright calls – Comprehensible -Responsive
* Dependable and reliable – Good forward planning – Anticipation
* Re-assuring
* Effective liaison between the client and the carers
* Good administration, for example – Clear terms and conditions – Timely, accurate billing and settlement
In summary – Heritage “delivered”

The carers (“M” and “A”)
* Caring
* Responsible
* Trustworthy
* Experienced
* Respectful of client (“E” and ourselves), others involved in care and support, visitors
* Communications good, for example – English language skills – Effective and timely interactions with “J” and myself
* Very good liaison with “H” and the night staff
* Very good double-teaming with each other, for example – Date coverage – Planned handovers
In summary – “E” was in “good hands”.
(DG – January 2018)

Thanks Sara and thanks for your help these past years. A very good quality service, enabling Margaret to remain living in her own home all this time.
(NS – January 2018)

Thank you Rachel, you and the rest of the Heritage are amazing, always there when we need you.
(NDJ – January 2018)

A huge THANK YOU to you and all your wonderful staff for all you did to help us in our time of need. My mum as you know was very reluctant to have a carer, J was wonderful.
(MF – January 2018)

I just wanted to drop you a quick line to say how grateful we were to have A helping my mother over the Christmas and NY period.  Everything went so well and they appeared to get on famously which was a great bonus as my mother had been extremely worried about having a new carer in the house.
(AD – January 2018)

We are very impressed with your agency and the efficient way you have helped us. K was excellent and T very kind and hard working.
(SA – January 2018)

Thank you for always being there at my back when needed and for all the hard work you do for me and all the other carers in the Heritage fold.
(SEM – January 2018)

Very many thanks for all your speedy and efficient help. Miraculous and a great relief!
(LH – December 2017)

It has been a heart breaking two weeks, however, Elizabeth is now at peace and where she wanted to be, back with her husband. I wish all of the carers that we have had well in their next endeavours, as they all have so much to offer.

Thank you so much for such a great experience, I have continued to recommend your service throughout the time what we have been with you and will continue to do so. To be able to have a live-in carer at times when it is needed, has been great especially as Elizabeth wanted to die at home, and this was made possible.

Thank you Niki for all of your support, for trying to match the carers to Elizabeth and for taking the time to speak to me when I have needed it. You have been truly amazing and I wish you all the best for your future endeavours too. You are a lovely caring lady, thank you.
(AS – November 2017)

R is lovely and very attentive to mum and her duties. We are very pleased with her and the service we have had from Heritage to date.
(GM – November 2017)

Having looked into 24 hour Live- In care for my uncle and aunt who live 400 miles away, I spoke to many different agencies. These are the reasons we decided to use Heritage :
1) From the first telephone contact there was a clear desire to understand our family situation and our needs.
2) This was promptly confirmed accurately in writing which gave me confidence that we all understood what we were aiming to achieve in terms of help and support for our elderly relatives.
3) The financial arrangements and format of how the agency works were clearly communicated.
4) The Carers employed through Heritage seem to be pleasant people themselves and are well respected by the agency. The Carers also respect the agency – this works both ways and from our perspective was good to know.
5) Although many Carers, by the nature of the job, may be slightly unusual characters, those selected by Heritage for our requirements were well suited to their required role.
6) The agency have supported us whenever we have needed help with anything. Response has been reasonably prompt and a key fact has been that we have had a consistent point of contact. Sara Evans has been our manager and has been excellent. Her wealth of experience in handling these family crisis situations and carers has been invaluable.
7) There is a clear understanding of the demands made on the supporting family as well as those relatives being cared for. This has been much appreciated.

We would like to thank you for your service to our family during this difficult time. We would certainly happily return to use you again, should it ever be required, and would highly recommend you to others.
(JS – October 2017)

S seems perfect for the position with our Aunt and all members of the current care team have only good and positive things to say about her abilities, personality and all aspects of her care provision. She was also very proactive in getting (our Aunt) up and out of bed as often as she could, to eat at the table and encourage personal interaction, which is great to hear. Well done and many thanks for your help once again.
(ED – October 2017)

Just wanted to thank you regarding your help with my mother’s care. J has been incredible in every way, she has been so kind and helpful to my mum and is a lovely lady.
(AW – October 2017)

We have found Heritage a caring and helpful agency to work with.
(CS – September 2017)

We have been very pleased with the service supplied by L for our mother. It has been tricky particularly for the past few days as my mother has been not only frail, but unwell. L has coped exceedingly well with this and has tried to be proactive in trying to find solutions for her problems. Any family having L allocated to them will be very well served and I am most happy to recommend her services.
(LM – August 2017)

She has been absolutely amazing with Dad and incredibly helpful to us.
(FR – August 2017)

With great respect and appreciation of the services that Heritage have supplied my mother, we will no longer require the company’s booking services. In no way is this a reflection of the services that your team have put into our mothers care. Your hard work finding carers for the post was noted. N, who once again has proven to be an excellent carer, will be our last carer required.
(MG – August 2017)

I am very pleased to be able to say that both L and M are providing Mum with excellent care and support. On behalf of my sisters and myself ‘thankyou’. The reassurance that Mum’s care provides is invaluable.
(LS – August 2017)

K has been with us for 7 months…all this time she has be consistently gentle, patient and kind to my husband who had a stroke last year. K is quiet and keeps busy even when her required jobs have been done. She can be left in sole charge and never once have I ever doubted that things would run smoothly. K loves animals and also has a great sense of humour and has been a huge support to me. Who ever gets her to be with them as a carer and friend is so very lucky. We will miss her here very much.
(JF – July 2017)

A has settled in with us all very well, so a big thank you for finding her, she is playing scrabble and helping Mum be more confident again.
(JR – July 2017)

B was a great support. The end came a lot quicker then we all expected. Thank you for all your help and support in getting Dad home. I take great comfort in the fact that he was at home and had great care. C was also very good. Dad liked both his carers very much.
(DM – July 2017)

Thank you. V has been wonderful. Very supportive and caring. Although she had only been with us for a few weeks I felt she really got to know my mother and took such great care of her. She seemed to know just what to do and made it much easier for my brother and I and with her help we ensured mum was able to stay in her own home right to the end.
(ST – July 2017)

We did enjoy our break very much and would like to thank you and your team for helping to make it possible. Many thanks for all your help and patience.
(SG – June 2017)

Sara, It is so lovely to work with you..…you are so efficient and on the ball!!
(CH – May 2017)

Thanks for all the wonderful people you send us, J of course is absolutely amazing!
(KE – May 2017)

Thank you so much for sending A, she really is wonderful. Thank you also for offer of M. We are “sorted” on those dates, a pity because we loved having M, but I will contact you when we need her, she is a delight. Very many thanks.
(MD – Apr 2017)

I would like to personally say M has been a joy to have around the home and she has taken great care of Madam.
(DJ – Mar 2017)

D and E both seem happy  caring for my mum, and things seem to be working out very well.  My mum is a lot happier and enjoys the trips out and the social side this brings. We are very happy with your service.
(KP – Mar 2017)

Thank you for all your support and help over the last two years we couldn’t have done it without your team and carers.
(WF – Mar 2017)

I was very impressed with A’s kind and gentle care of my mother, who is not 100% at the moment because a UTI.
(SB – Feb 2017)

I’ve enjoyed my acquaintance with you and Heritage, and am extremely grateful for the lovely roles you placed me in. But this is now the end of a chapter in my life and the beginning of a new exciting chapter. Thank you for all your support, for our chats and for always being so kind.
(JF – Feb 2017)

Thank you so much for organising this for us – this sounds a really good plan of care.
(KB – Feb 2017)

Thank you for your continued support over the years. D, L and N especially have been amazing and will continue to be lifelong friends.
(JB – Jan 2017)

Thank you very much. You supplied some wonderful carers to look after my mother and this really helped improve the quality of her final two years.
(RM – Jan 2017)

M worked for my mother for over three years as a carer. My mother had dementia and also alzheimers. She was initially extremely aggressive and had to be handled very carefully. M was quite fantastic at turning her mood and making her laugh. M was extremely caring and made sure that my mother always looked immaculate which was very important to me and would have been to my mother as well. They had a huge amount of fun together and used to go clothes shopping. My mother was also virtually blind and M used to read to her with utmost patience. She is also a nutritionist so my mother was always fed with healthy food. M made the last few years of my mother’s life very peaceful and happy and I could not recommend her more highly. She was also amazing with all the rest of the family as there were always grandchildren coming to stay and she very much became part of the family, I miss her very much.
(VR – Dec 2016)

Thank you very, very much for introducing me to L. Having her here to help look after my Dad has been a great success. Mum took to L from the minute she met her and went off on holiday content. L has fitted into our family life so well and not only has Dad enjoyed her company but she has been a big hit with my sister, son and daughter. Even the dog has enjoyed her being here! I was so happy with her that I took the chance to take my son away for a night .. which has been a real bonus. Thank you again for all your help.
(SP – Oct 2016)

I just wanted to write and tell you how much we enjoyed J. She was absolutely lovely! Positive, proactive, full of ideas and energy. My Mum and Dad loved her from day one and I was so happy to have such a positive and reliable source of information about what was going on with them.
Thank you so much!!
(LA – Oct 2016)

Thank you very much for the new carer. She has fitted in perfectly and I am so pleased.
(GG – Oct 2016)

I would like to commend G for the excellent way she cared for my mother. She is a delightful woman and my mother greatly appreciated her warm ways and her cooking skills!
(MC – Oct 2016)

I am very happy to recommend you to anyone looking for live-in care.  You have been a pleasure to correspond with, and have sorted out carers for us, and stand-in ones when some have been away.
(BF – Sept 2016)

Just a line to thank you for your kind help with live-in carers following my recent ankle operations. Your choices and efficient service were a great success, and I greatly appreciate your kind help, being new to this type of challenge! I will certainly recommend Heritage to others in need, and thank you for your excellent service.
(SB – Sept 2016)

I just wanted to report back to you about K as she goes back home tomorrow. We are really delighted with her. She was so kind, sensitive and caring and was never bothered by any problems that occurred. My mother got on extremely well with K and is sorry to see her go. She really enjoyed her company, delicious meals and confident manner. Thank you for sending her to us.
(RM – Sept 2016)

J was an amazing lady. I cannot praise her too much. I am getting on fine now.
(MW – Sept 2016)

I’m pleased to hear that I’ve been getting good feedback from the family. Makes a difference when one has been well matched with the client and I do know they were very pleased with your efforts to match client to carer. So well done Heritage people.
(LO (Carer) – Sept 2016)

The arrangement with L has been good and we commend her to others, and the efficient Heritage service has been highly appreciated.
(TV – Sept 2016)

L seems to be an excellent Carer and I was most impressed with her when I met her on Sunday. She seemed highly competent, very kind and sensitive. Thank you again for all your hard work in finding such wonderful carers.
(RM – Aug 2016)

I am absolutely delighted to have J looking after me. She could not be more helpful and caring. We get on so well. Thank you for sending me an angel.
(MW – Jul 2016)

H has been a wonderful Carer and made my Mother’s life as good as possible. We will miss her very much.
(RM – Jul 2016)

S was indeed helpful and supportive. I have been really reassured by the quality of the people you find for me and the speed with which you manage it. I will certainly come back to your company for further help.
(LV – Jun 2016)

L came to provide 2 weeks of live in care for my mother who was suffering with severe depression/anxiety. L really was a god send for both of us.

She has a lovely warm, supportive manner and was very sympathetic to my Mum’s changing condition and seemed to strike the right balance on when to push her to be more independent and when to step in and help. She was great at keeping me up to date with how Mum was doing during the day and the house was always tidy and meals always made.
(KM – Feb 2016)

Just wanted you to know how much I have appreciated your help in managing to make it possible for J to return. The last little while has been quite challenging, as life (and death) can be and I have been much helped by your understanding.
(RW – Feb 2016)

We have been very impressed by both ladies and the general approach of Heritage, and would like to thank you very much for all your help. If Mum needs any assistance in the future we will certainly be calling you again. Best wishes for helping us all during the last few weeks.
(J&D D – Feb 2016)

M is one of life’s givers not takers and I wish her all luck and happiness in her future. Thank you for all you have done Sara. I know that using an agency was the best way forward.
(W – Feb 2016)

I will definitely keep Heritage’s and your details in my records. I was very impressed with W, and with the professionalism and knowledge of everyone with whom I have dealt at Heritage.
(MR – Jan 2016)

We have used Heritage’s services since the late summer of 2014 up to Jan 2016 to recruit live in carers for my elderly 90 year old father. My father’s needs during this period have been challenging. Heritage has been able to provide for us a high quality and responsive service. The carers have been capable, reliable and resourceful.
We would warmly recommend Heritage to other families who, like ourselves, have found the process of finding, recruiting and quality checking the right calibre of carer to be a daunting one. We have very much appreciated the support that has enabled my father to remain at home for as long as possible.
(J&L W – Jan 2016)

I forgot to reiterate our thanks to Heritage and to yourself for your support and superb service over the last year. We will remain grateful to you and continue to recommend your services to others.
(JW – Jan 2016)

J has been the most amazing, caring and compassionate lady. Not only is she efficient, organised, thoughtful and cheerful but is always one step ahead. J is incredibly hard working and is able to turn her hand to anything. The ladies she has been working with – one being 101 and her partner 95 – have had increasing mobility challenges yet somehow J has always made situations safely possible. It is not just I who speak so highly of her, for the Doctor, and any who meet her are impressed at her ability and kindness. Her record keeping is exceptional and her dealings with others very polite and smiling. I have been delighted to meet such a lady and cannot recommend her highly enough.
(RW – Jan 2016)

Thank you for your assistance and professional approach. It made things flow more easily. I am happy to give S and L good references which they may need for further job applications.
I will not hesitate to recommend your Company.
(JB – 2015)

I couldn’t have been more thankful for J arriving when she did, and seeing me through what was probably the worst week of my life. She became an instant friend as well as a professional support to both John and myself. Thank you so much for sending exactly the right person.
(MD – 2015)

Dear L, Thank you so very much for the amazing care you showed to the two ladies (100yrs and 95yrs old) whilst you were in Bristol. Your understanding, caring ,sensitivity and patience were very apparent. You seemed to know at every level what was required and put the ladies at ease with your cheerful attention.

Your attention to detail both with vegetarian diet and the medical issues was much appreciated. Your cooking was much appreciated also, as was the watering of the runner beans and garden care.You seemed not daunted when one of the ladies (her own fault as she admitted) fell in the garden and broke her wrist, even tho’ this considerably added to your work load.

Thank you for being so marvellous L and for all your hard work. You are very much missed, tho’ we very much hope to see you again.
(RW – 2015)

E came to work full-time for our adored 89 year old Mother in January 2015 until her death in May 2015. Mum had suffered a major stroke but was fiercely keen to remain independent and remain in her home of the last 61 years. In addition to her stroke, she suffered from macular degeneration and had already lost the sight in one eye, and had virtually been robbed completely of her sight in her other eye. E, in the most subtle and tactful of ways, soon established a warm, friendly, always respectful and understated rapport with Mum. Over a relatively short period of time it was wonderful to see how Mum grew to trust E completely. E was responsible for every facet of Mum’s day. It was very heartening that E took great pride in Mum’s appearance, always making sure that Mum looked immaculate and dignified. Every morning E would present a couple of outfit options to Mum to choose from, which Mum really enjoyed, and would engage Mum in the choosing of a scarf or necklace. Before E would wake Mum in the mornings she would prepare the necessary fresh nutritious ingredients for Mum’s daily meals so that she would be able to be with Mum and not have to keep removing herself to the kitchen during the day. E would bring Mum her breakfast, help her to wash and dress and assist her in coming downstairs. E would reassess Mum’s needs on an almost daily basis making sure that her well being and safety were of paramount importance. She would liaise with people from the OT team, the Hospice Care team and the District Nurses to make sure that Mum had everything that could possibly assist her. E was marvellous at organising things in advance so that everything was in place exactly when it was needed. Each day she would make sure that my Mum was comfortable, calm and reassured and would read articles from the newspaper and magazines, listen to music, watch the television with her and make appropriate conversation with her choosing topics that she knew would interest Mum. If Mum was having a day where she was feeling particularly poorly, E would bring work that she needed to complete (eg; the ironing) into the room with Mum, so that in an unobtrusive way she could keep an eye on her while providing her with company at the same time. In the days when Mum was able to receive visitors for short amounts of time, E would encourage this knowing it would be a pleasant experience for Mum but later when it became far more difficult for Mum to cope with visitors, although Mum still wanted them to come, E would remain at Mum’s side to help her with understanding conversation and ensuring she did not become too tired or anxious. When Mum’s condition really deteriorated and she could no longer receive visitors, watch the television and could no longer enjoy being read to, E would often sit right beside her showing her pictures, gently talking to her, sometimes sewing and often just holding her hand. E had a wonderful intuition, combined with her years of nursing experience, of just the right way to approach any and every situation with Mum. When E helped Mum to bed at night she always made sure that Mum was completely calm and settled and ready to sleep. In the later stages of Mum’s life, E often had to go to her several times during the night. E moved into a small bedroom adjacent to Mum’s so that she could hear Mum immediately and be with her within a matter of seconds. E never once complained about being sleep deprived or tired and we so admired her constantly upbeat personality and her appropriate sense of humour! Her patience was endless and the tone in which she always spoke to Mum was so caring, respectful and empathetic. She was also wonderful at helping my sister and myself through the roller coaster of emotions that we both experienced as Mum became so desperately frail. We found E’s depth of knowledge and nursing experience meant that she was able to anticipate each stage of Mum’s decline which helped prepare us for Mum’s eventual death. First and foremost E made everything ‘all about Mum’ which meant that Mum always received E’s first rate care and this enabled Mum to be granted her wish – to be able to die at home. In summary, my sister and myself owe E a debt of gratitude that can never be repaid. She is a remarkable person who came into our Mum’s life, and ours, at just the right moment. We are so proud to know her and so lucky to call her our friend. I am so happy to give E the highest possible recommendation.
(DS – 2015)

Thank you Sara! You were very kind to us, and all our carers were brilliant!
(LW – 2015)

L’s three week stay has been a godsend for us and the timing couldn’t have been better. We are all extremely grateful to have found such a lovely and competent person to step in at short notice.

I feel obliged to write to you to express my delight for the standard of care offered by J over the past few weeks. She has been simply amazing and I’m sure has done a lot more than she can normally have been expected to do. Her care and friendship has been above and beyond the call of duty, indeed, I have never known anyone work harder! We will surely miss her. Her name aptly describes her and I would have no hesitation in recommending her for a similar position. Thank you very much.

Having worked as a self-employed live-in carer for many years, and having worked for a number of agencies, I must say how very impressed I am with Heritage. I found your recruitment and interview process to be outstanding, and unlike many other agencies, Heritage do their best to place carers in roles and homes to which they are best suited. Furthermore, there is no pressure to accept jobs, whereas refusing to take on an assignment for another agency may result in a carer not being given work for quite some time! During my time with Heritage I have found your staff to be friendly, professional, and supportive, and your carers kind and more than willing to facilitate clients needs. Heritage too go out of their way to please both clients and carers. It is a real breath of fresh air to work for an agency that really cares, and this is increasingly rare. I wish you all the very best and look forward to accepting future assignments for years to come.

Thank you to Heritage for offering not only excellent carers but practical and realistic solutions to a the little understood but hugely complex issue of Dementia in the Elderly.

I would like to take this opportunity in thanking you for all your help in sourcing S for my mum’s final care in her own home. We will be more than happy to write a “glowing” reference for S’s next position. I couldn’t recommend anyone else as highly as S, and I hope we will continue to stay in contact. She has been an amazingly caring and comforting friend to both my mother and ourselves, and has worked at full capacity to ensure we could get some of our lives back again, after my father’s death.

C came to look after my 95 year old father for a week. He is frail and a long-term catheter wearer which does come with some problems. He is very deaf and beginning to get a little confused. However, other than that he is in quite good health and although walks with a stick is reasonably mobile. All arrangements for C’s arrival went to plan and she arrived on time with a lovely cake. She settled in to our family routine with ease and immediately went to sit and chat with my father. She spoke clearly and at a pitch that he could hear and understand her. She was an instant success! C was most anxious to help around the house as well as with my father. Upon our return, my father was pleased to tell us he had been out and about for coffees and lunches and drives in the country and had been well entertained. We had left a sum of money for such expenses and all was accounted for in every detail to the last penny. Written notes on the days events were also clear, concise and informative. C had not only cared for him but had been a wonderful companion. Whilst away, she had kept the house clean and tidy and done quite a bit of laundry including on the morning of her departure, stripping her bed, washing and ironing the bed-linen and had cleaned all the toilets! We are already arranging for two further visits to allow my husband and I to go away on holiday with every confidence that my father will be safe and happy. I recommend C unreservedly.

J is very friendly and experienced, a good nurse, caring and competent in taking my father to his many appointments either in a taxi or driving him locally. Another compliment from my father was J’s cooking, she made excellent meals, always with great presentation.

Thank you very much Heritage for organising a perfect live-in carer to replace a combination of daily care and nightly supervision for my father – and over 50% saving in our weekly care costs!

A is a gem! We are really lucky she has been to help and will be sorry to lose her.

N has been so kind taking my Mother for outings in her own car which Mum has thoroughly enjoyed. She has been kept busy fetching prescriptions from the Chemist, shopping for food and coping with lots of callers who have descended on Mum who still has a lot of friends as she has lived in the same area all her life. N is totally discreet when people call and keeps out of the way unless she is needed and does not hover about which is very good.

S is such a lovely person with a great sense of humour and she knows exactly what is needed at the right time. She is kind, patient and very knowledgeable about lots of things. She has helped my Mother so much, prepared some delicious meals and managed to coax the patient into eating again which she had not done for several weeks. There is always a delicious smell coming from the kitchen when I arrive and of course it is S’s cooking!

Thank you so much for all you have done.  We are very grateful.

Heritage took great care to find out details about my Mother so they could match the right person for her needs and this was very comforting to the family.  Everyone else in my family who met the carer while she was there was very impressed and one of my Mother’s friends who is possibly going to need live in care later this year asked for details of Heritage as she was also so impressed.

Thanks to Heritage Independent Living my 91 year old Mother received excellent care and attention after a serious illness.  She has never before needed help at home as she is a very independent old lady and resents people living with her but Heritage found her just the right person and she was very happy in every way and I know misses her carer now she has left.